5 Best High Schools in Maine

If you are looking for the best high schools in Maine, then we have a list of best 5 high schools. The list is based considering the statistics of student, parent and alumni reviews, expert insights and scores like state test score, college readiness score, graduation rate and SAT/ACT score records, etc.

Here’s the list of 5 best high schools in Maine:

1. Yarmouth High School

Located in the district of Yarmouth, this public high school is one of the best schools in the entire state. With 490 students enrolled, the school has the highest rate of positive reviews.

87% of the total students are proficient in Mathematics.

Apart from academics, the school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. The faculty is also quite good and supportive. You’ll have the best experience of your life here at Yarmouth High School.

2. Falmouth High School

The school is located in the Falmouth Town having an A+ grade in almost all competitive parameters.

With a total strength of 711, the school has managed to train students such that they get admissions in the top colleges.

The school has a good standing in the state and is considered a great place for education and sports.

3. Maine School of Science and Mathematics

The school located in Limestone has a great reputation. It offers a diverse and rich culture that enables students to pick any activity or initiate any club they want.

The discipline is well maintained, and the administration ensures to keep the disciplinary actions fair and clear.

The school has a 90% maths proficiency rate out of a total of 129 students. The faculty members are also well trained and supportive.

4. Cape Elizabeth High School

This public high school is in the Cape Elizabeth Town, as the name suggests. It has a total of 551 students currently enrolled. The school has a good standing among the educational experts, parents, students, and alumni.

The school offers the high spirits of healthy competition that keeps the students motivated to do their best.

The teachers here are dedicated and are willing to go to any lengths to make the students learn and participate in the class.

The school is not only popular within Maine, but it has a good standing nationwide.

With the best of academics, athletics, sports and other extracurricular activities, Cape Elizabeth High School is a great place to be a part of.

5. Camden Hills Regional High School

The Rockport Town high school is ranked as the 5th best high school in Maine. The school provides a safe and encouraging environment to the students. The students have some great activities including sports, arts, community service and academics.

With 667 students enrolled, Camden Hills Regional High School has an average graduation rate of 92%.

The faculty members are commendable and highly capable. They have a strong command over their subjects. Also, they know well what does the student want to pursue and how can they support them.

All these five high schools are appreciated all over the state of Maine. They have a good standing and also a good ranking on almost all grounds.