5 Tips for Planning Your School Visit

You can’t have the right idea of a place without stepping foot on its campus. The process of visiting schools is fun keeping you know what to look for. Here are 5 tips for planning your school visit.

1. Do your homework

Before you plan to visit a potential school on your list, do some homework. Visit the school profiles online. Learn about the school rankings among parents, students and educational bodies.

Look for the reviews of the students already enrolled. Ask the opinion of their parents on the school administration, environment, academics and other extracurricular activities.

Look for the variety of courses the school offers. Do they interest your child?

2. Call the information office

Contact the school administration and first, ask for information regarding your key questions. Call them and see if their answers are convincing enough to pay a visit to the school.

3. List down the key questions

Your concern should include the following key questions when you plan to visit a school:

– What is the vision and mission of the school?

– Is the school capable of providing a mentally and physically safe environment to the students?

– What is the nature of disciplinary actions by the administration?

– What is the average class size?

– What is the idea behind giving homework?

– Does the school encourage extracurricular activities?

– Does it have an appropriate library?

– Does the school own a computer lab? If yes, is it accessible to the students? Are there any cyber safety measures in that case?

– Does the school promote arts, theater, and drama and music culture?

– Does the school have its transportation system?

– What are some major accomplishments by the school so far? Where does the school stand now?

Gather answers to the questions above on your visit to the campus.

4. Schedule your visit

Plan your visit with the school authorities. Ask for a campus tour. Don’t just roam around the campus but also visit the classrooms.

Interact with the teachers and see how they deal the parents. Also, ask for permission to observe the lessons. Don’t limit yourself to observe the grade your child is seeking admission in. Visit other grades to have an idea about the classroom environment.

See if the teacher pays attention to every student. Are all the students engaged in a class activity?

Most importantly, check if the class is worth to be a part of!

Also, visit different clubs supported by the school. Spend some time in the cafeteria among the students. Observe the teacher student interactions on the campus.

5. Attend orientation sessions and pay unscheduled visits

Apart from paying a scheduled visit, attend the orientation sessions arranged by the school. Get to know more about the school by talking to the students and different faculty members.

Also, a single scheduled visit or an orientation session is not enough. Pay one or two unscheduled visits to have a clearer idea of the school’s environment.

The above tips will help you ensure that you make the most out of your school visits.