Best Private Schools in Maine

The education sector in Maine is working hard to provide the best opportunities to its students. Some qualified names of such private schools that managed to secure a prominent place in this run are given below. Have a look!

1. School Around Us, Arundel

The school is one of the best private schools in Maine. Located in Arundel, School Around Us was founded in 1970. It entertains students from KG to grade 12.

The school is set in the rural setting. It aims to provide quality education to nurture the young minds in the most natural way.

The school has a team of hardworking teachers who give their special attention to every single student. The teachers are keen to discover the individual interests and work on refining the capabilities of their students.

2. The New School, Kennebunk

The New School is a private high school that accommodates students from grade 9 -12. The school has a learning friendly environment that encourages the students to play their part in it.

The parents will like it. Apart from academic grounds, the school has an excellent rating for its, sports, athletics, arts and other extracurricular activities.

3. Erskine Academy, South China

The high school accommodates strength of 747 students including male and female students. Erskine Academy is a highly acknowledged private sector school in South China, Maine.

It is known for its excellent academics for students from grade 9-12. These students are eligible for college scholarships.

The school has a team of highly motivated teachers who are willing to help their students anytime. Parents and students are satisfied with the way the school administration is working.

It is a great place to be a part of it.

4. Waynflete School, Portland

Serving the students from KG to Grade 2, Waynflete School is a renowned private school in Portland, Maine. It is also acknowledged across the state. The school offers a wide range of courses to the students. The diversity of the courses offered is greater than any other private school. The school also works on improving the writing skills of the students.

Waynflete offers a great mix of traditional, progressive and quirky intellectual learning. It is one of the most elite private schools in Maine accommodating an average of 548 students.

5. Washington Academy, East Machias

It was a rural setting high school found in 1999. The school has a total of 411 students enrolled in grades 9-12.

Washington Academy also has the boarding facility.

The students love the school. It has a thriving environment co-created by a powerful student body and energetic faculty members.

The school also offers a wide range of courses designed at multiple difficulty levels so that every single student can accomplish them according to their potential.

It has a great learning formula supported with a team of highly accomplished faculty members. This is the best private school in Maine.

Based on the reviews of parents and students, these were the 5 best private schools in Maine. If you have any other school on your list, share with us!