Best Public Schools in Maine

The public schools in Maine are great, and they have been addressing the academic and co-curricular needs of the students adequately. The following public schools are ranked to be the best public schools in Maine.

1. Yarmouth Schools

Yarmouth public schools have been serving the students from KG to grade 12. The schools have a strong reputation nationwide.

The academic and extracurricular activities in the Yarmouth schools encourage critical thinking and nurture the student’s abilities.

The school maintains a healthy and encouraging environment. Almost everyone in Yarmouth is involved with this school. It is one of the greatest places in Yarmouth.

The faculty is highly motivated and keen to make students learn something. Also, the administration is quite supportive and welcoming.

2. Maine School of Science and Mathematics

This public school is serving in the city of Limestone. It is highly acknowledged among the people of the area and is ranked at number 2 among best public schools in Maine.

Maine School of Science and Mathematics accommodates students from grade 9 to 12. It is a modern public high school. The graduates from this school are studying in prestigious colleges and universities across the country.

The school offers quality education along with highlighting their creative and co-curricular edge.

The school is improving day by day. It also provides standard dormitory to students with a healthy environment.

3. Greeley Public Schools

The Chebeague Island District public school, Greeley Middle School, and Greeley High School offer their services to students from grades 6-8 and grades 9-12 respectively. These schools are known for their good conduct in academics and sports across the state.

The Greeley schools have the most concerned administrative and teaching staff. They are genuinely concerned for each and every student enrolled.

The school is working to add more extracurricular activities. The students have the experience of a lifetime studying here.

4. Conners-Emerson School

The school is located in the Mount Desert City. It is an elementary school that serves 388 students from KG to grade 8.

The school has managed to keep the parents satisfied and happy with its academics and extracurricular activities. The teachers also share a good reputation among the students and their parents.

The administration and faculty of the school are professional and have a good rapport with the students.

The school introduces programs that keep the students energetic and motivated. They have also managed to cope up with the existing technology for the social growth and well-being of their students.

5. Falmouth Public Schools

Falmouth entertains students from KG to grade 12 under its three schools named as Falmouth Elementary School, Falmouth Middle School and Falmouth High School.

The school is ranked 5th among the best public schools in Maine. It has currently a total of 2101 students enrolled in various programs from KG to grade 12.

The school ensures to provide the best opportunities to students that will help them in their future college and career life.

The above schools are the 5 best public schools in Maine that ensure to play an important part in the mental and social development of their students.