How to Find Best Schools in Maine

Selecting a school for your child is an important decision for a parent since impact it’s not only about their academics but also about their mental and social growth.

Within Maine, you are going to have many choices for a school. Here’s how you can list the best schools.

Look beneath the label.

The public and private labels don’t give much information about a school. Look beneath it to explore how is the school governed and not who governs the school!

Attend orientation sessions and school fairs. Ask for the opinions of enrolled students and their parents. Also, look for the school’s performance and grading online.

Visit the school.

Visit the schools on a regular school day. Ask for classroom observations. The way a teacher deals with the parents and students say a lot about the school. Visit different grades. It will help you to have a sense of the place.

Be a keen observer, but don’t go overboard.

You should be looking into the details diligently but ignore small imperfections. No school is perfect. If you’ll keep on searching for perfection, you’ll end up with nothing.

Look at the bigger picture.

While you are on your quest to find the best school, evaluate it on the following parameters. It will help you in decision making.

Factors to Consider

Strength of Academics

When you consider a school, look for its academic standing. Review the educational policies of the school and the efforts of the administration to meet them.

Health and Safety Measures

What does the administration do to keep a mentally and physically healthy environment in the school? Are the students safe in the school’s environment? Find answers to these questions.

Parent/Student Survey on Overall School Experience

Talk to the parents of currently enrolled students and know their opinion on the school. Also, talk to the students and ask them how their experience in the institution is.

If possible, talk to them in person. Otherwise, the online surveys are always there to help you find out.

Student Culture and Diversity

The USA is a multi-ethnic country. Your child can have the best experience to step out in the real world if the student culture is vast and diverse. Go to a school that supports diversity regarding cultures and ethnicity.

Resources and Facilities

What resources and facilities the school has to provide to your child. Don’t hesitate to investigate on that.

Is the school capable of providing basic facilities? Does it have enough resources to provide the basic things like computer labs, library, and science lab, etc?

Sports and Other Extracurricular Activities

Where does the school stand regarding sports and other extracurricular activities? Does it encourage the student to take part in such activities? Does it provide training in these activities? Does it participate in the district and state level competitions?

Find answers to these questions to know whether the school can or cannot match the interests of your child.

Make notes on the school whenever you visit one keeping the above factors in mind. You’ll certainly be able to find the best schools in Maine.